"My country is the World. My Religion is to do Good."



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Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. is a membership organization. Directors and Officers serve one-year terms, and elections are held annually each Fall.


Chartered in 2002, Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. strives to renew public recognition of the great defender of liberty, justice and human rights. Arriving in British-ruled North America, Paine joined the struggle for independence, sovereignty and democratic institutions. Throughout his life he held to the noblest of principles, dedicating himself to the common good and the right of free expression. The writings he produced provide us with a remarkable set of principles upon which to construct just societies.


The mission of Thomas Paine Friends, Inc. is to encourage people to learn about and from Thomas Paine, his times and philosophy so that they may be inspired to participate in public affairs reflective of the spirit of Paine's life, thought and ideals.

January 29, 1737 - June 8, 1809

LISTEN to the addresses delivered on the 28th of March 2009 in the United Kingdom by Gregory Claeys and John Keane!


  • Ian Ruskin portrays Thomas Paine in a one-man play he wrote several years ago. Few actors have so captured the essence of Thomas Paine as does Ian Ruskin.
  • He has now brought Thomas Paine's story to a wider audience in a film project that is being shown on public television in the United States and around the world. This film is available for acquisition and can be shown under license in libraries and other venues.
  • Thomas Paine Friends established a special fund to help support this film project. The 1737 Fund celebrates the year of Thomas Paine's birth

Learn More About the Film Project

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